Let's grow your business

Diastole Communications

Customer focused, motivated by the results.


We believe in the potential of our clients ' businesses, so we put heart in every action that we make for your success.


Why are we different?

We are a team that knows no limits, we seek to overcome them constantly and not limit thinking to achieve extraordinary things.

Thinking Diastole

We believe in Evolution

We move from the hand of the technology, we seek the best strategies to the trends of the market.

Dinamic Diastole

We Are Dynamic

Time is valuable and as such we value you, we provide solutions that are effective and efficient to provide effective results with clear actions to meet their goals.

We Are Versatile

We believe in the proposals of our customers is hard for us to see the impossible. whatChallenges? welcome to our day-to-day.

How can we help you?

Who is Diastole Communications?

We are an agency of communications and marketing in El Salvador. We work to develop the best solutions and strategies that take your business to the creative, practical and functional for your brand.

As a company we recognize the value of their brand, and the effort to get where he is, that is why all of our team works committed to promote and develop the best ideas and strategies that enable them to create more value for their brand and presence in the market. We like to compare the communications with a straw, each one prepared to your liking and with the features that most fill it up, but in the end it is perfect and ideal for those who are going to enjoy.

Our Philosophy

Our Values


Ethics determines the guideline fundamental of all our actions, we take it as personal challenges each project in an honest, fair-minded and with full responsibility to achieve your ultimate success.


We seek to be the leaders in the market and therefore we aim for our customers to achieve the same purpose being the leaders in each of its branches.


Value that characterizes every one of our jobs, not only in the end product, but in the treatment that we give to each of our clients.


The passion for what we do leads us to compromise with our customers, we strive to achieve and are committed to the success of any action you take to your brand.


Each project is a blank canvas, we do that the results are always unique and completely customized for each client.


What do we do?

Why choose Diastole?

We are motivated by the heart and passion for what we do. The heartbeat in his second phase is called Diastole, this occurs when the atrioventricular valves open and the ventricles relax, this allows for a re-fill of blood, and prepare for the next heartbeat. We want to be that oxygenation to your brand through practical ideas and innovative to create the best connections with their consumers, we bring life to the heart of your brand through a fresh and innovative proposals.

Action guide

What do we believe?

We Are Adaptive

We are a team that adapts quickly to changes and evolution. We believe team work is an essential tool for the success of each of our campaigns.

We believe in Entrepreneurship

We know that today the quest is hard, and it is there where our team wants to help. We want to offer the best alternatives of action and development for your brand with real strategies and high effectiveness.

We want to be the engine of your company

In Diastole we believe that we have the ability to create , design and develop your brand with a view towards a promising future, efficient, and sustainable over the passage of time.